Live & Local at Days Gone Bye
The KIXS 108 Crew is gearing up for another live and local roadshow at Days Gone Bye Thursday, June 9th from 11:30 to 1:30.  Come in and register for a $50 gift card, Jon Hart Grande, a leather key strap for Dad, giveaways, and goodies.  KIXS 108 will be talking about great gifts for …
Online Dad’s Day Gift Buying Tips From the BBB
This Sunday is Father’s Day, and although there is nothing quite like the gift of fatherhood, many consumers will be trying to brainstorm the perfect gift to honor dad. Spending on Father’s in the U.S. is predicted to reach almost $13.3 billion this year, based on a survey by the National Retail Fed…
Great Speech From The Bride’s Father
This has to be one of the best speeches ever given by a bride's father to the man who is about to marry his daughter! This Dad weaves a story of the life of his daughter into just a couple of minutes, as the groom-to-be listens. It is truly heartwarming, inspirational, and--at times--hilarious!

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