Whataburger Super Duper Celebration
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a Super Duper Celebration! In the heart of every child lives a superhero, and on Wednesday, June 11th, Whataburger will celebrate the superhero spirit in all of us with an evening of family fun from 5 to 7 p...
Earl Pitts 10/31/13: Real Halloween
Halloween just ain't what it used to be, according to our Earl Pitts. Could it be that--like Christmas--Halloween is becoming too "commercial" these days? If you missed today's special Halloween episode, we have it for you here!
Earl Pitts 10/29/13: Adult Costumes
With Halloween just about here, Earl has a few choice words for adults who like to dress up in "goofy" costumes on what he feels is essentially a holiday for kids! So, don't expect a compliment on your getup from Mr. PItts...that is, unless you're dressed in a couple of s…
Casey Anthony Mask on eBay Sold for Almost $1 MILLION?
It's highly unlikely that the final bid on this Casey Anthony Mask is legitimate. The surprising fact is that this is actually a thing, that there is a mask of Casey Anthony floating around and that people actually bid on it.
A quick check of the bidding history shows three bids in a row that escalat…