Facebook Funny Foto of the Week
Every once in a while, I come across a photo on Facebook that makes me smile. I found one of those today. Ladies, please don't take's all in good taste (so to speak). And men: see if you don't agree with the sentiment expressed in this photo!
So, What’s For Breakfast?
My days start VERY present, I get up at 3:20am. Why so early, you may (or may not) ask? Because until our new house in Victoria is ready for my wife Sweetie and me to occupy, I am still driving in from El Campo! But I digress. Anyway, when your day starts that early, your whole meal "schedule" gets moved up, compared to folks who work, say, from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Now, I've alw
July 19th Is Officially…
Flitch Day A flitch is a side of bacon known as a slab. On this day, trials used to be held and any married couple that could prove that they had been faithful in the last year to each other would be awarded a flitch of bacon. Some say this is where the phrase “bringing home the bacon” comes from. How many people do you know wouldn’t bring home the bacon? How would the holiday would in today’s wor
Website Creates 71K-Calorie Lasagna From Fast Food [VIDEO]
Though we wouldn't expect someone to eat an entire lasagna in one sitting, even one serving of this monster-of-a-dish from Epic Meal Time would still contain over 7,000 calories per-person when divided into 10 servings. The literally epic lasagna was created by the men of Epic Meal Time, a website devoted to concocting and eating bizarre foods.