What's happening?

Spring Cleaning is underway for many of us including the City of Port Lavaca. As reported by the Port Lavaca Wave, many residents will be working to clean up, spruce up, and beautify their homes and community as part of the City of Port Lavaca’s beautification event “Sweep into Spring…and make room for summer” event. The event is scheduled for the weekend of April 30th and May 1st.

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What the City of Port Lavaca doing?

The City of Port Lavaca will be providing roll-off dumpsters which will be located at the city's wastewater treatment plant at 800 N. Commerce St. These dumpsters will be for use by the public.  Port Lavaca Public Works Director Wayne Shaffer says 'no hazardous materials or electronics are accepted, but construction debris, brush, metals, plastics, cardboard, and such will be allowed.'

Also accepted are household furniture and appliances that are free of refrigerant. For a fee, tires will be accepted but must be separated from the rims.

What If I have already done my Spring Cleaning?

For those who don’t have things lying around their own homes that need disposal, Port Lavaca City Manager Jody Weaver suggests this would be a great opportunity for residents to participate in the event by using that Saturday to pick a place around town to pick up litter.

If you have any questions about the Spring Cleaning event or to find out how you can help, please call the City of Port Lavaca's Public Works Department at 361-552-3347.

I might just make a trip to Port Lavaca just to eat at El Patio or La Antigua. Who do you think has the best Mexican Food in Port Lavaca? Let us know in the Facebook comments of this story.

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