Many of you have seen construction near the intersection of Airline and Ben Jordan. As construction progressed it started to look very familiar. So I reached out to the City of Victoria Planning Department for an official confirmation. Yes! Another Dollar General will be opening soon on Ben Jordan, near the intersection of Airline. This leads me to my next question: Just how many Dollar Generals do we have in Victoria Country?

If you remember back about 8 months ago, another Dollar General just opened up on Mockingbird Lane. The pending Dollar General location will make for the TWELFTH Dollar General in Victoria County. I am going to take this one further. This will make the 19th Dollar Store in Victoria if you add up all the Dollar Generals, Family Dollars, Dollar Trees, and even King Dollar on North Laurent.  Do you think that Victoria has too many Dollar stores?

Many of the Dollar Generals that have recently popped up are located outside of the city limit in the middle of nowhere.  The Dollar Generals in town are near neighborhoods that have no major grocery stores near them.  All the new constructions are basic and have the same setup and when they move into an existing location, they normally take over a location off the beaten path which means it is cheaper. Example: the old Dick's Food Store locations on Moody and Lone Tree. Maybe now is a good time to buy stock in Dollar General!
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