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Stunning Houston Texas Home Invasion

Sadly many of us aren't phased by the news of home invasion even though as a bonus to the COVID pandemic crime rates dropped considerably, but this story, coming out of Houston Texas last night is stunning, leaving one teen forced into a bathtub as his father was shot in the head.

Here is the thing, authorities believe this invasion might have been targeted specifically because of the items on display in this family's front yard.

Authorities investigating the crime that occurred on Houston's east side late last night believe that the invasion might have been instigated by the expensive items in the front yard. The homeowner is a Houston business owner and owns a trucking business. He had parked semi-trucks in his driveway, visible in the front yard.

According to the report, four assailants entered the home around 11 pm last night, two of whom were carrying guns. In the interim, the homeowner and his teenage son who were home at the time were met with threats as the assailants demanded money. At one point the teen was hiding in a closet, was found, and forced to lay in the tub while his father was held down and shot in the head. The four assailants then fled the house with expensive items.

Thankfully, the father survived the shooting! 

Incredibly the father survived the gunshot to his head! In fact, according to ABCNews 13, he was able to get on the stretcher himself after his son had run across the street to his neighbor's house who happens to be a police officer, and EMS was called.

The story is both scary and traumatizing, but more importantly, is this a cautionary tale? Are we more likely to be targeted when we have valuables visible in our front yard?

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