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Yes, the news cycles these days can almost be too much for anyone to watch closely. I personally gave up on owning a television back in like 2010. One, because I'm never home, but two, because I found that I can pretty much stream anything I really want to see. Not seeing the dismal 5 o'clock news for the past ten years has probably added time back onto my life maybe?

Now when good news comes along, that's something I love to see. Let these young Texans provide a little inspiration for you today as the community of Sanger, Texas is showing us all a little direction with this one.

KETK reports Students at Linda Tutt High School in Sanger have created their own grocery store. Yup, shopping carts, shelves, canned goods, and cold items. It's thought to be the first grocery store inside a Texas High School.

Supplying the store is a classification from the office of Texas Health Resources which indicates that Sanger is a "food-insecure area". So as soon as the store was ready to go, it was fully stocked.

Now, here's the best part. There is no money accepted at this grocery store inside Linda Tutt High School. A point system prices the items so nobody needs money to actually buy anything. You use your points. How do you get super shopping power and lots of points? By being an amazing Texan who helps people. That's right, Good Deeds are the only currency.

Students can help at the school or volunteer to work during school activities. There are additional points for positive office referrals as well.

The store is managed by the students. They don't go hungry, they help each other out, and they even get some job training right there at school.

The students and staff also plan on holding food drives to keep the store stocked, and during times when they have more than they need, the students plan to donate to other charities in the Sanger Area.

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