I don’t watch much TV but when I do it's usually reality TV. I found the show called Storage Wars on A&E last night. The show is about four different buyers who go to different storage units in search of hitting it big on others people’s stuff.

They get a peek of what's inside the storage unit and then an auctioneer auctions off the unit. It’s a gamble you could hit it big or go home empty handed.

In the episode I watched last night, Darrell thought he had hit it big. A box had the word keyboard on it but come to find out when he opened up the box it was empty. Sometimes they hit it big which Darrell did when he landed a coin collection in another auction.

I didn’t realize so many people were watching this show until I updated my Facebook and friends replied they watch it. I learned that people right here in our hometown go to these. Alamo Storage has said they will have one on the 16th of this month. There a few rules you must register before the auction starts, bidders must buy the whole unit and you must take everything in the unit within 24 hours of winning the bid.

I think this would something fun to do if you have the time and if you hit it big that would be better.