Saturday Night Live‘ tried to end their season with as big of a bang as they possibly could. Aside from letting Mick Jagger host for the first time, they also paid a heartfelt tribute to Kristen Wiig for her last show, and brought in sequel installments of ‘Lazy Sunday‘ and ‘The Californians.’

While ‘Lazy Sunday 2′ was all Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell’s territory, Jagger and former ‘SNL’ guest star Steve Martin shook things up a bit for the next episode of the soap opera parody.

Just as before, the characters spoke in ridiculously exaggerated Southern Californian accents and their discussions always ended up being about the best routes to take when driving around Los Angeles.

The highlight, though, was probably Mick Jagger donning a blond wig and doing his best to talk like a new-age, mirror-obsessed resident of the Golden State. See how he did.

All the actors in the skit seemed to be trying their best not to laugh at each others’ absurd facial expressions, and they mostly succeeded. However, a big surprise came when Martin popped up as a character who had suffered amnesia, and couldn’t even remember the simplest directions to get around town.

So, what do you think? Should there be a third edition of ‘The Californians’ on ‘SNL’ next season?