Yesterday we learned that Michael Arndt had written a treatment for the upcoming 'Star Wars' sequel, currently called 'Episode 7,' but that didn't seem a confirmation that he had the job. Today it looks like his work has been approved and he's the first writer to take a crack at a new 'Star Wars' film.

This comes from, and when word leaked yesterday, it seemed like a solid source so we're not surprised to see this confirmed already. Also, even though 2015 sounds like a ways a way, in terms of this sort of production and the amount of pre-production required for a big budget spectacle like this, they're going to need to have a script in place shortly.

Arndt won an Oscar for his 'Little Miss Sunshine' screenplay, which led to writing on 'Toy Story 3,' and the upcoming 'Hunger Games' sequel 'Catching Fire,’ Time has not treated his work on 'LMS' all that well, and so it's hard to say much about his work as so much of what he's worked on since has involved multiple writers either coming in before or after him. Such is modern screenwriting on blockbusters. That's also why it's quite possible he won't be the last writer on the project, so that's good news or bad news depending on how you feel about him.

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