We are 3 months away from Halloween, which means Spirit Halloween will be opening its doors soon. Spirit Halloween will open its doors in late August and will be back at the Old Bealls location at the Victoria Mall.  It's almost like Spirit has found a "permanent-temporary" home in Victoria. This will be the third year back at this location.  The official opening date will drop the same day the store opens. So get ready! The Spirit Halloween season will run through early November!


This is just one of many locations that I can remember Spirit Halloween Here are the locations that I remember. The Town and Country Shopping Center on Airline.  Where SPECS and Shooters are today, the current Bel Furniture location. and old Ryans' Steakhouse, man I miss that place. I think that I have got them all, however, if I missed any.

The Duck Pond in Riverside Park Eyeing Fall Completion

In a recent press release, the City of Victoria tells us that the duck pond at Riverside Park is about 90% complete, with the retaining walls, the wooden walkway, and the new LED lighting installed. During the next couple of weeks, we’ll start filling the pond in preparation for the installation of the fishing pier. The last thing to be added will probably be the new gazebo, which will be located on a spacious overlook, providing a great view of the pond. The City of Victoria estimates that the duck pond will be fully complete in October.

City of Victoria Facebook
City of Victoria Facebook

The duck pond closed back in 2018 due to damage caused in part by Hurricane Harvey.  Then it sat untouched for 4 years.   Various factors contributed to the length of the closure, including the scope of the damage, grant regulations, and the effects of inflation on contract negotiations.

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