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Here Be Monsters presents, Bubble Bunny Minotaur.

Well now that we've gotten your attention with that title, let us explain why Here Be Monster's Bubble Bunny Minotaur is something fun and new to do in Victoria!

So what is Bubble Bunny Minotaur?

BUBBLE BUNNY MINOTAUR is a group of short plays written and directed by local Victoria community members, Randy Wachtel, Sarah Robinson, Amanda Heinold, Sam Hankins, and Nina Di Leo.

It's onstage theatrical entertainment from the genius behind the Here Be Monsters troupe of local playwrights and actors. They've been producing new theatrical works since 2016.

The event is FREE but it would be smart to reserve a seat or two or four.

If you haven't seen a Here Be Monsters production, you've been missing out BIG TIME so make plans to join them at the Victoria Fine Arts Center on August 13th or August 14th at 8pm.

This theatrical production is general admission and FREE but it's wise to reserve your seat. You can do so by clicking here. You are also welcome to consider a small donation to help cover production costs.

Photo courtesy of Here Be Monsters
Photo courtesy of Here Be Monsters

What's even more fun than watching a theatrical production?

How about being seated onstage with the performers themselves?

Yep, for this production, they are seating the audience ONSTAGE.

" From an onstage cup of tea to post-show discussions and snacks, we want our audiences to feel appreciated. We like shows that feature audience participation and share theatre spaces in new ways," the Here Be Monsters website offers.

Here's a taste of Bubble Bunny Minotaur.

A monstrous bride, a couple who speak in rhyme, and a man-sized talking bunny are just a few of the characters theatergoers will encounter when “Here Be Monsters” returns to the stage for its first in-person performance since 2019.

Photo courtesy of Here Be Monsters
Photo courtesy of Here Be Monsters

Scenes include “Audience Love Letters” (written and directed by Here Be Monsters), “Couplet Counseling” (written and directed by Nina Di Leo), “The Bunny Who Came to Dinner” (written by Sam Hankins, directed by Randy Wachtel), “Dad’s Dead” (written by Randy Wachtel, directed by Sarah Robinson), “Bride on Fire” (written by Nina Di Leo, directed by Amanda Heinold), “The Minotaur Calls Bull” (written by Sam Hankins, directed by Amanda Heinold) and “Bubble” (written by Here Be Monsters, directed by Nina Di Leo and Amanda Heinold).

With that, if you're looking for something new and fun to do in Victoria, a perfect date night to enjoy with the arts and artists of our community, reserve your free admission tickets to Bubble Bunny Minotaur now.

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