We all know the city of Victoria is anxious to reopen facilities and get the city back to business next month. Here are some of the places in town set to reopen on May 4th.

A list of Victoria facilities that will reopen beginning May 1st was shared by Crossroadstoday.com over the weekend, and after the state hears what Governor Abbott has to say today at 2:30 we will probably see the plan to reopen really start to come together.

Until then, the business of doing business on the golf course will resume Friday, May 1st with the reopening of the Riverside Golf Course. Several other facilities are planning to reopen on May 4th. The businesses with their sights set on May 4th will be ones that will have no problems with current social distancing guidelines. Business owners are looking over the CDC list of guidelines in preparation for the reopening.

The main CDC Social Distancing Guidelines include:

  • Maintain six feet of distance between yourself and others.
  • Limit gatherings to 10 people or less

If area businesses can not keep up with the guidelines they are asked to wait for the second round of reopenings coming up on June 1st.

These locations will open their doors back up to the Crossroads on May 4th:

  • 700 Main Center on Main Street
  • City Hall
  • Municipal Court
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Public Works, Police Station, Fire Station

The locations below will plan on reopening on June 1st:

  • Victoria Public Library
  • Victoria Community Center
  • The courtroom at the Municipal Court
  • Riverside Park playgrounds, bathrooms, and athletic facilities as well as pavilions

Anyone running errands or traveling around town will still be urged to wear a mask or face cover and wash their hands often. Several city services are being run remotely. You can find a complete list on the city's website.  

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