This is the stuff that is made in nightmares! Now, this video was originally posted in August of last year, but I just found it so I am going to write about it. Imagine going to take care of your business and seeing a snake slither out of the toilet. This exactly is what happened to one family in Abeline, Texas as reported by KHOU-11.  According to the article, the bullsnake was retrieved with a golf club, which you can briefly see in the video, and then they put it in the backyard. The snake was non-venomous.  How would you react?


The most common way that snakes can get into your toilet is by coming in through the sewer vent which is located in the roof of a home or building. They can also get into a septic tank if the lid is not closed securely, through the sewer system, and through cracked or broken plumbing pipes.


A snake's search for food and their search for a place to warm-up can also be a reason for them to be drawn into your plumbing and quickly into the toilets they are connected to. Snakes actually prefer places that are dark and cool especially when they are in places that are very dry, extremely hot or both. That would be all of the above for South Texas.  LOL.


Toilets offer a cool, wet, dark place for snakes to cool off and relax.  Because of the small comfortable place that a toilet can create, thus giving snakes the opportune place to feel safe and comfortable. Be sure you look down before you go potty.

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