Six Flags Over Texas Incident

Five people were involved in a roller coaster incident at Six Flags over Texas in Arlington, Texas. A malfunction sent 4 guests to the hospital and injured an employee.

Roller Coaster Sends Guests to the Hospital

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Around 6:30 p.m. the Six FLag ride MR.FREEZE: Reverse Blast experienced a malfunction that lead to an injury and multiple hospital visits.

Both the Six Flags safety team and the Arlington Fire department responded to reports of smoke coming from inside the MR.FREEZE building. Riders, guests, and team members safely exited the ride within just minutes of the unusual smoke being reported.

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Where Did the Smoke Come From?

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The smoke is said to have occurred due to an electrical malfunction. O(n Six Flags employee was injured during the smokey ordeal. Four guests at the park opted to be taken to the hospital out of an "abundance of caution."

Malfunctions Occur During a Sensitive Time

This malfunction comes after a serious and devastating amusement park disaster in Florida at the ICON Park that ended in a 14-year-olds tragic death.

Tyre Sampson's death was broadcasted over the internet as he fell to his death on the Icon Park ride Free Fall. A video captured the devastating moment the young boy flew down from the 430 ft high ride. The tragedy is still fresh and under investigation.

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Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington has had its own share of tragedies. Back in 2013, a woman fell to her death from a 14-story-high roller coaster.

Know Rules and Regulations to Stay Safe

Parks are a great vacation and fun time. The rides can be safe as long as everyone abides by the safety rules and regulations including height requirements as well as weight requirements. Stay safe and have fun.

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