Earlier today, we learned that the Sisters that were in attendance at game 1 of the ALCS game in Houston will be back in attendance again tonight, thanks to Mattress Mack. If you recall the Astros came from behind to win game 1. The Sisters were not at game two and the Astros lost, so Twitter took over.


We just learned that the Sister that will be throwing out the first pitch is from Shiner Catholic School.  Shiner Catholic School posted that 'Sister has been practicing with her high school students and we know she will do a great job! Thank you to the Houston Astros for calling her up! We are rooting for the Astros and Sister Mary Catherine.' This is really cool!


As reported by KHOU in Houston, Seventy nuns and a priest will be stationed in the Coca-Cola suite at Minute Maid Park for Game 6. One of the nuns will even be throwing the first pitch. Thanks once again to Mattress Mack!

"It's a big thrill to them to go out there," said Mack. "We secured a bus because a lot of them are elderly and can't walk a long way so we're going to let them off right in front of the place. They're going to have a good time." We love Mattress Mack!


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