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This might be the creepiest Halloween article title of all time, 'Shrunken Heads Found in Halloween Punch in Texas.'

Luckily for you the reader, it isn't true. Shrunken heads are being found EVERYWHERE in punch this Halloween.

Soooo what the hello  is this shrunken heads in Halloween punch thing all about? Well to offer you a treat for our trick ( since of course, these are not real shrunken heads we are talking about), we included a step-by-step recipe for Shrunken Head Punch below.

Here is the real article title... " Freakiest Best Halloween Punch Idea I've Ever Seen!"

While perusing through Pinterest for freaky Halloween party food ideas, I came across what I think is the freakiest, albeit COOLEST punch recipe I've ever seen. And I look at recipes online every day, so you can trust me on that! No tricks!

It's Shrunken Head punch made with baked apples ( because real shrunken heads are super expensive, I know... I looked them up on Pinterest too) AND it not only promises to get the neighborhood Halloween party started, it also promises to have your neighbors talking about how creative you are ( sigh, and a little weird) loooooong after the party is over!

I mean come on, it looks like the real thing! Right? Right?

Martha Stewart Youtube
Martha Stewart Youtube

Before we get started; you're going to need a few apples, a melon baller, a paring knife, a baking sheet and spiced rum.

Okay, the spiced rum is optional, but everything else is a must!

Shrunken Head Halloween Punch

If you need to see it to believe it, here is the recipe from Martha Stewart on Youtube

We hope you have an awesome Halloween! Send us pics on the app if you make this Shrunken Head Punch recipe! Surely we've got a prize in the vault for the Crossroads BEST SHRUNKEN HEAD!

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