Okay, pet peeve time. If there's one thing that drives me up a wall, it's pulling up to a parking space at Walmart (or, any other large retail establishment for that matter), only to find a shopping cart right in the middle of the space! This requires me to have to park, get out, move the #?*! cart out of the way, then pull fully into the parking space. C'mon, people...really? Does it take that much effort to roll the buggy just a few short yards (or feet) over to the cart "corral?" Way back when, during a brief period between radio gigs, I worked at a Walmart in central California. This was in the days before the handy, motorized, remote-controlled electric cart pushers they use now to round up the carts and take them back into the store. Oh, no...I had to line 'em up and push the whole batch of them myself. Even though I was 20 years younger than I am today, that was still back-breaking work!

So, I guess that's given me a keen awareness of what a hassle it is to traverse a huge parking lot, rounding up shopping buggies scattered all over the property (and even a few that were taken off the property!) and getting them back into the store, only to start the process all over again! SHEESH!

But, more importantly, if you don't care all that much about the folks whose job includes rounding up those carts so they are conveniently ready to go when you walk into the store, then please consider the next shopper like you, who would like to pull into a parking space without a) having to move a lazy person's shopping cart left in the middle of a parking space, or b) risk damage to their (or others') vehicle from wayward buggies! So, please...be considerate, and take the cart to the corral when you've finished unloading it!

Thank you! [Steps down from his soapbox]

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