Shark sightings and shark attacks seem to be trending online.

Tragic shark attacks have been trending in the news lately but in Texas, outside of a few shark encounters we've covered in 2022 and 2023 none have been aggressive bites to beachgoers.

In fact, according to the leading authority of recorded shark attacks, Florida Museum’s International Shark Attack File, only 44 shark attacks have occurred in Texas waters since 1911.

However, if you are visiting Texas beaches this summer you need to know that sharks are not the only thing that can hurt you in Texas waters.

In Texas waters, there are several species of jellyfish that can deliver seriously painful stings, some that can be almost debilitating and deadly.

Let's start with one of the most common jellyfish you'll see in Texas water, the Sea Nettle.

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Sea Nettles are commonly found along the Texas coast and it's their tentacles that host stinging cells called nematocysts and they are painful. Most victims report burning or stinging sensations, redness, and welts on the skin.

Moon Jellyfish can be tougher to spot when you swim in the water because their tentacles are translucent, but Texasn can attest we see tons of these jellyfish washed ashore everywhere. Thankfully their sting is most often reported as mild, in comparison to sea nettles and Man o' Wars.

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Speaking of the Portuguese Man o' War, the Portuguese Man o' War is commonly encountered in the Gulf of Mexico and their stings are insanely painful. Their sting is so powerful there are even reports of systemic reactions.

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Although rare in Texas water, the Box Jellyfish, are deadlier than sharks to humans. Check out this video of Crazy Creatures on Youtube.

 And now, according to the Galveston Bay Area Chapter of the Texas Master Naturalist on their Facebook page, Texans need to be on the lookout for this Blue Button Jellyfish recently showing up in mass along our Texas shores.
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Sources like 12Newsnow report that stings from the Blue Button Jellyfish resemble the Man o' War. Ouch!

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