St. Joseph High School will host Shadow Days for prospective students Oct. 17 and Nov. 11. These are days that Victoria school district is not in session, so visiting students will not have to miss school. Shadow Day visitors will be paired with a St. Joseph High School Student Ambassador and spend the day in class, sampling the instruction and taking part in typical school day activities. The Shadow Days are open to all students who are considering St Joseph as an option for high school, says the Victoria Advocate. St. Joseph High School is open for enrollment for incoming ninth graders and transfer students in ninth through 12th grades.

St. Joseph High School is a private Catholic High School, 110 E. Red River St., that is committed to a challenging and loving academic environment. There is an Education Grant Program available to families who may need assistance with tuition. This year $460,000 in education grants were given to 51 percent of the student body.

Reservations for Shadow Days are required. To sign up, contact Jen Korinek at 361-573-2446, ext. 217 or email

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