The senior United States Senator from Texas Kay Bailey Hutchison was in Victoria this morning making a swing through south Texas expressing her gratitude to her constituents for their support over the last 18 years while she served in the Senate. Hutchison is retiring from the Senate after serving three terms. The reception for the Senator was held at the historic Pump House Restaurant in Riverside Park.
Hutchison’s opening remarks included some self deprecating humor quoting Senator John McCain’s recent Tweet that with the approval rating of Congress at only 9%, support for current members was falling to staff and close family members.
Hutchison was extremely complimentary of the Victoria area citing its wealth of history in the formulation of state of Texas. Hutchison also pointed out about the strength of the future of Victoria with the addition of the new Caterpillar plant, oil and gas activity particularly the Eagle Ford Shale project and the downward expansion of the University of Houston-Victoria. Hutchinson did reference a possible switch to a different university system other than with the University of Houston, but did say she would be supportive of whatever the community of Victoria wanted. There were numerous representatives of the UHV system present for these comments.
During her tenure, Senator Hutchison served on the following Senate committees: Appropriations; Commerce, Science and Transportation; Rules and Administration; Veterans' Affairs. She was also a strong supporter of NASA.
Senator Hutchison said she would continue to work for Texas through the remainder of her term and hoped to be able to volunteer her services after she leaves office and continue looking out for the interest of state of Texas.
About 150 people attended the open reception this morning.

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