Everyone has been waiting for an update from Schlitterbahn Waterpark and it's finally here! The New Braunfels and Galveston locations will be set to reopen mid-June at limited capacity.

You can read the official statement from the park in the tweet at the top of the article which has the park's Tuesday statement linked to it. The important thing to remember is the park will re-open at 25% capacity.

Texans who love hitting the slides in New Braunfels or Galveston have been waiting for an update since the parks closed in March. Schlitterbahn's owners in Sandusky, Ohio have been waiting for clear orders from Governor Abbott before making any sort of announcement on their own. Abbott recently issued new orders that will allow waterparks in the state to reopen at 25%.

We expect to hear more details from Schlitterbahn as they continue to reopen in phases. Folks in South Texas can't get back to Schlitterbahn fast enough especially after all the improvements in 2018 when the park spent millions in upgrades and additions to the park. The statement from the park mentions "enhanced safety and changes in operations" so you'll want to do some research before planning your trip to the park. Many places like Six Flags, and even our own Texas State Parks, have moved to a reservation system during the pandemic. That may be the case with Schlitterbahn. Other theme parks in the state are opening first to season pass holders before opening their reservation systems.

We know our listeners will be excited to get back to the waterslides. Schlitterbahn managed to draw over a million visitors in 2018.

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