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The San Antonio Riverwalk is Texas' biggest attraction.

But have you ever wondered what's on the bottom?

You are not alone!

An estimated 14 million people visit the Riverwalk annually making the SA Riverwalk the most frequented attraction in Texas!

How many folks fall into the river?

Reports vary but it seems that at least a dozen folks "reportedly" make it into the river annually as well.

But, don't be fooled that you can "always stand" up if you fall in! Parts of the river can differ from 2 to 24 feet deep!

So what's at the bottom of the Riverwalk?


Thanks to Youtuber 'Jigging With Jordan', Brandon Jordan both fisherman and treasure hunter, takes us on a deep dive with his funky finds from the bottom of the Riverwalk.

Check this out!

Brandon Jordan's dives can really be amazing. He once found a gun used in an unsolved murder! 

Here are just a few of the funky finds from Brandon's Jordans Riverwalk dive.

Funky Finds At the Bottom of the SA River Riverwalk

On a side note, the San Antonio Riverwalk is more than just an attraction for tourists. It was originally built to help save lives!

Only In Your State offers a great read on 15 things you might not know about the Riverwalk including that the Riverwalk serves as an important drainage and floodgate system for the city of San Antonio. It cost $430,000 to build, funded by the Works Progress Administration, part of Franklin Roosevelt's effort to end the Great Depression.

Now to keep all the trash out of it! 

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