This heartwarming story comes from San Antonio. Grandparents put their lives on hold to make a big difference for five siblings. Clint and Shawn Marshal adopted five grandchildren, a sibling group of five whose mother is incarcerated and whose father recently passed away. What an amazing gesture for these kids.

The husband, Shawn, told KHOU11 that "I would never wanna see my grandchildren split up," he also added "They've already been through enough in life and they needed to stay together," she added. "It was never a question in my mind or even a hard decision for me. I was like nope we are gonna do this."  At the age of 50 and 51, Clint and Shawn, say they couldn't imagine doing things any other way. Shawn's greatest fear during the custody issue was where they might end up, and would she ever seen them again. "It's a very big relief, and we're happy to be raising five more."

KHOU 11 via Vinnie Vinzetta FB
KHOU 11 via Vinnie Vinzetta FB


Last month, we learned of a heartwarming story that should bring a smile to all of our faces.  A Junior High in Bentonville Arkansas posted a 'Feel Good Friday' showcasing Superhero day. R E Baker Elementary students were asked to dress like their favorite superhero on Friday, March 3.  Second grader Caroline Carlson,  dressed like her teacher, Jaime Deigh. Little Caroline did not miss a detail. She matched down to the curly hair. Not all Superheros wear capes. What an incredible example of just how teachers impact our children.

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