Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee Fowler aren't getting divorced, after all. TMZ reports that Fowler, who filed for divorce in February, has submitted legal documents requesting that the court dismiss their case.

She had originally listed infidelity as the reason for the split, saying that Hunt was "guilty of adultery" and "guilty of inappropriate marital conduct." The paperwork revealed another bombshell, too: The documents indicated that Fowler is pregnant with the couple's first child, and that her due date is in May. That would put the birth of their baby just days or weeks away from their reconciliation.

After her first filing, Fowler withdrew her complaint, briefly leading fans to believe that she'd changed her mind about the divorce. Within hours, however, she refiled in another county, and it became clear that the original paperwork was scrapped due to a clerical error, and not due to any change of heart on Fowler's part.

But this time around, it seems that the couple is giving their marriage another try. TMZ reports that Hunt and his wife have been spotted together walking their dog, and at Hunt's recent shows, he's been wearing his wedding ring again, after taking it off for a stint following the divorce filings.

While he hasn't spoken publicly about his marital woes, Hunt did recently make an appearance on Country Countdown USA,  where he shared some of his thoughts on his impending fatherhood and revealed that he and Fowler are expecting a baby girl.

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