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A 10-year-old is missing, while an adult body washed ashore at Matagorda Beach.

Sadly, the U.S. Coast Guard is actively searching for a missing 10-year-old child, Nicholas Arriaga who went missing in the waters at Matagorda Beach yesterday. An adult body washed ashore seemingly related to the same incident yesterday evening as well.

A rescue attempt was made for Nicholas Arriaga to no avail.

According to ABC13, a 13-year-old girl who saw that Nicholas was in trouble in the water tried to rescue Nicholas but the waves and possible current tragically stopped her from being able to hold on to him.

It's not clear at this time how Nicholas and two adults, one of whom drowned and washed ashore, while the other adult survived, got into trouble in the waters. The Coast Guard reports indicate Nicholas and the adults had been fishing previously.

Our thoughts are with the families and friends of the two adults and Nicholas.

With summer upon us and many Texas families heading to the beach for vacation, we thought we'd offer some educational tips on rip currents, a common phenomenon in Texas waters.

Here is an educational video from USOceanGov on Youtube.

Taking a few minutes now to watch these videos could very well save your life. When we were researching videos to add to this article on Youtube we were stunned at how many comments were included with viewers who had been previously caught in a rip current.

Thank you to Dr. Beach and Ripcurrents 2011 for uploading this educational video on rip currents as well.

Stay safe Crossroads. Be sure to adhere to all warning signs along our TX beaches.

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