Even the biggest country stars decorate their homes to celebrate Christmas. You would think they would hire someone to do the actual designing and decorating, and, I suppose some of them do... but not all of them.

Ronnie Dunn has broken out the holiday decorations at his home, but it’s his wife Janine who does all the creative work. Ronnie told CMT Daily roundup, “My wife is crazy about it. I mean, there’s stuff everywhere. That time of year, I have to go upstairs in the attic and pull all the stuff down in the boxes and unpack it and stuff. You know, once we get it out, it’s all pretty.” If you’re a Ronnie fan, and you’re looking to get in the Christmas spirit around your house, try the new A Very Country Christmas collection, which includes his all-new recording of the classic “Silent Night.” The CD is available exclusively at Target.
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