Rodney Atkins enlisted the help of sons Elijah and Ryder to deliver some big news in his newest music video: The family is expecting a new addition. With the release of the video for his new song "My Life," Atkins goes into detail about how his love for his wife, Rose Falcon, is the reason he finds value in his everything about his life -- including the impending arrival of a new baby.

Readers can press play above to watch Atkins' romantic "My Life" music video. At the end of the clip, after the camera pans across a desk covered with pictures, Atkins' son Elijah, who is 17, and 14-month-old Ryder -- Atkins and Falcon's first child together -- appear in a photograph, holding an ultrasound image with the caption "Love at first sight."

Both Atkins and Falcon shared a link to the video on their respective Instagram pages. They called it a valentine from their family to fans, and promised a surprise at the end. Atkins also used the post to announce the release date for his new album.

"I’ve spent the last 5 years pretty much doing 2 things: being in love and making this album," Atkins shares on his feed, "and I can’t wait for you to hear it on May 10th, 2019."

The "My Life" music video opens with the story of Falcon's grandparents, who were married for 71 years, and who provide both the inspiration for Atkins' relationship with his wife and the song's touching lyrics. "I love my eyes 'cause you look into 'em / I love my name 'cause you say it, baby," he sings. "I love my heart 'cause you stole it / My kiss 'cause you want it / My mind 'cause you own it every minute / I love my life 'cause you're in it."

"My Life" is the second single that Atkins has released from his upcoming, Caught Up in the Country. The song follows the title track.

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