I was quickly introduced to saltwater fishing with my dad and grandpa. I remember waking up about 4 in the morning to head out to Seadrift or Six Mile. The first fish I ever caught was a founder on the pier at Seadrift, it was tiny LOL. My biggest fish ever caught was a redfish which weighed about 6 pounds at Six Mile. I was so proud!  What is the biggest fish that you have reeled in? What is your favorite fishing spot? Let us know in the Facebook comments of this status!

It's always cool to read an awesome fish story and this one is a freshwater catch. A man was fishing on Austin’s Lady Bird Lake and caught a 64-pound smallmouth buffalo. As reported by wgntv. Cassady Douglas said “It took me about 25 minutes to reel in the fish,.I couldn’t believe how heavy it felt and I didn’t think that I was going to land it." The great thing about this story is that he caught it, held it for a couple of minutes, took a photo, and then released it back into the water.  A true sportsman who respects nature. Check out his massive catch. Texas Parks and Wildlife awarded Douglas with a water body record, officially logging the weight as 64 pounds. Congratulations, Cassady! In Texas, the smallmouth buffalo are found in most large streams, rivers, and reservoirs exclusive of the Panhandle. Have you ever caught a small mouth buffalo?

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