Texas Country stalwarts Reckless Kelly are premiering a live version of their beloved song "Ragged as the Road" exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to hear the track, recorded live during the band's 2018 West Coast tour and which will appear on an upcoming live album from the group.

"Ragged as the Road" isn't a tune that's new to Reckless Kelly fans: The band released the song back in 2008, on their most well-known album, Bulletproof. In the years since, the weary road warrior's anthem has become a fan favorite.

"Sometimes, the road takes you to places you don't wanna go. Sometimes you break down on the way; sometimes it's a long long journey," Reckless Kelly frontman Willy Braun tells the crowd before the song's first notes begin to play. "But then, sometimes, the road takes you to a beautiful place like this, out in the middle of nowhere in Idaho with a bunch of nice people, and that makes it all worthwhile."

This recording of "Ragged as the Road" appears on Bulletproof Live, a new live recording of that 2008 record that turned the band into Texas Country mainstays. The project is due out on June 21, via Thirty Tigers.

"It was really fun revisiting some of these tunes. Many have been in the rotation since the record came out, but there were a few I had forgotten about," vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Cody Braun says. "I think most musicians will tell you that its damn near torture to listen to a recording of yourself playing live, and it is. Having said that, it is fun to hear the band in this raw form, and I am happy I only hit a few jazz chords.”

Reckless Kelly's last studio album, Sunset Motel, dropped in 2016. They've got plenty of shows on their concert calendar this summer; visit RecklessKelly.com for more details.

Listen to Reckless Kelly, "Ragged as the Road (Live)":

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