It's really cool to see country artist's songs being used in the movies more and more. It's especially cool that one of my favorite guitar slingers, Keith Urban, has a song in one of the biggest movies from the past weekend. And besides that, Rob likes it. Don't let that scare you away.

The film Act of Valor featuring Keith Urban’s new song “For You” hit theaters this weekend and was a box office success. Keith says he was truly touched by the stories of the real-life Navy SEALS who are featured in the film. When speaking with CMT Daily Roundup, Urban was quoted as saying, “For me, and I said this to some of the SEAL guys too, because they were saying, ‘Thank you so much for the song and being involved in the film’ – and I’d like to say it’s my family’s tiny little way of saying ‘thank you.’ It’s really extraordinary what they do. And I think this film in particularly when people see it will have a new insight as to what they do.” The new music video for Keith’s song “For You” can now be seen on CMT and To watch Keith’s new music video “For You” visit
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