Randy Houser started off the new year with a new marriage, a new record deal and plans for a new album. While Houser inked his new record contract with Nashville’s indie label, Stoney Creek Records, just a few months ago, he already is feeling right at home with the staff and label personnel — so it was the perfect fit for all parties involved.

The ‘With My Boots On’ hitmaker has been diving into the world of songwriting lately, and has even gone into the studio a couple of times already to begin to outline the direction for the new album.

“I think we’re getting close to being about halfway done with it,” Houser revealed to Taste of Country. “Everything is sounding great. Everybody at the label is really supportive and giving me the support that I’ve been needing. That’s a huge blessing. To have a team ready to go to work and go to bat for me is pretty awesome. We’re excited about it. I’m excited for new music. That’s the biggest thing.”

As far as the album’s direction and content, Houser says to expect more of what he delivered with his debut album, ‘Anything Goes.’ “I always kind of know where I’m headed with making a record,” he notes. “I say that, and then sometimes you’re throwing darts blindfolded. You just write songs and record them, and at the end of it you kind of see what all fits together as a project. I’d say this one’s definitely more down the pipe of commercial country. Some of it is, some of it ain’t. I guess I tend to write different things. It’s just like anything else. I like all kinds of music, so it just kind of depends on what I’m into at the time. That’s the thing about music … I never really tried to pigeonhole myself into doing one thing.”

It’s safe to say that Houser has had his fair share of distractions in his personal life in recent months, including his new marriage to Jessa Lee and the birth of their first child, West. But through it all, Houser has continued to chip away at his songwriting and keep the inspiration fresh.

“I’m constantly writing,” he says. “When it comes time to making a record, I kind of get into a crunch situation where I kind of pressure myself into writing a lot of stuff. It’s good pressure. I’ve always written in spurts. I’ll hit it really hard for three months, and then you’ll just write yourself out of things to talk about. Usually in a couple of months, for a couple of months, I won’t have anything to say. Then it will just hit like a wave again. So I’m just kind of in that stage where I’m writing a lot. It’s all good stuff.”

Now that he’s a happily married man and one proud papa, Houser says some his songs’ subject matter has taken a turn with respect to his loved ones.

“There’s part of my old life that was my old life,” explains the singer. “I stay at home a lot more now. I’m pretty much domesticated now, I guess you could say [laughs]. I’ve lived a lot and done a lot of things. In writing songs, I also have to be respectful to my wife. Subject matters change because my life’s changed – for the better. I’d be probably dead right now if it wasn’t for her [laughs]! It’s been really good. The songs will definitely change. When you’re growing up, you kind of have different things to say.”

Houser also hinted at the possibility of his summer consisting of a headlining tour. Stay tuned to Taste of Country for all the latest on Houser’s new music — and new tours — in the works. For now, fans can tide themselves over with a listen to Houser’s first single from his new project, ‘How Country Feels.’