No matter where you are, this is the day to change the world with one simple act of kindness. What better month to start doing this then December. You hear so much negative things in the world today so we want to take time to highlight the good others do.

On December 16th  Dr. Fordianis office went to Burger King on Navarro to pay it forward.   A week ago someone gave the staff  money and asked that they treat their selves to lunch on them. The staff wanted to pay it forward so they decided to go to Burger King on Navarro to eat and bless an employee with a gift. A gift from the heart.  A few of the ladies have visited the establishment a few times and noticed an employee that always seemed to go above a beyond,  always did it with such pride and joy. When given the gift it didn’t take them long to know what they were going to do and that was to pay it forward.  When they were done eating they asked the manager if they could see Brain for a few minutes that they had something that they would like to give to him. With tears of joy in each of their eyes they each handed Brian an envelope which he took with a big smile on his face and warmth in his eyes.  They left there feeling the joy of the gift of giving. The Lord says that we never know when we may minister to an angel. Brian is a the true meaning of an angel.

We would like to say a BIG Thank You to the staff of Dr Fordianis for paying it forward and making someone’s day a brighter one.