The Raelyn Nelson Band have released a touching new music video for their song "Daddy's Grave." The tune is a tribute to Nelson's late father, Willie Hugh Nelson Jr., who died in 1991.

“I call it song therapy," Nelson explains of "Daddy's Grave." "Sometimes it helps to write about what hurts."

Known as Billy, Nelson Jr. -- the son of Willie Nelson and his first wife, Martha Matthews -- hanged himself on Dec. 24, 1991. The moving "Daddy's Grave" video was filmed at the Nelson family's home and gravesite in Abbott, Texas; shots of downtown Abbott are also included in the footage. Fans can press play above to watch the clip.

The "Daddy's Grave" music video is a huge shift tonally from the RNB's other recent videos -- including those for "Brother," "Sweetwater" and "Mason Jar" -- which typically feature goofy subject matter and first-person camera angles.

“Obviously with the subject matter, it doesn’t lend itself to strapping a GoPro on our heads and running around," Nelson says of "Daddy's Grave." “But that being said, it was still just us, no crew, one clamp light and one camera."

Making the decision to leave Nashville to film in Abbott was an easy one for Nelson and her band. The Nelsons' family house holds a lot of history for the singer.

“It was a no-brainier, really," she admits of picking the filming location. "Plus, I love hanging at the Abbott house and feel a huge connection to family there. I go any chance I get."