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And so it begins...

Of course it's starts with Starbucks, who is rumored to have put pumpkin spice on the map! And this year the legendary Pumpkin Spice latte made top trending news when we saw it's earliest release date in its 20 year history, debuting on August 24th 2023.

The pumpkin spice invasion has begun.

Texas is looking at record high heat, we are in the middle of a drought, everything that was once green is now charred brown but YES why not hold a cup of fall in 103 degree heat?

 Pumpkin Spice is everywhere and in everything in Texas!

"Obsessed much" is an understatement when it comes to pumpkin spice in Texas, but let's face it, the nation is pretty crazy about it too.

Do you remember during COVID when pumpkin spice masks were a thing?

Check this out!

Pumpkin Spice Everywhere in Everything

You can get each of these items on Amazon. 

"Butt" wait, there is more! Pumpkin Spice BUTT WIPES!!

Want to drive the ladies crazy?

Dude Wipes has just released their pumpkin spice butt wipes! You read that right, it's time to get the guys on the pumpkin spice train with the latest release of "DUMPkin Spice Wipes." Dude offers, 'When nature's calling and leaves are falling, keep your butt cozy with a mix of clove, nutmeg, and other fall scents; Made with 99% water and plant-based ingredients"

The list goes on and as the weather cools, more pumpkin spice goodies will be revealed.

Can it get any wilder than pumpkin spice butt wipes? We shall see!

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