Talk about bedside manner. A central New York vet tech goes above and beyond for a dog suffering from bone cancer.

The dog, named Rizz, is a rescue and belongs to Cindy Siddon at Clinton Pet Vet. "She's a rescue I've had for a number of years and she now has bone cancer."

Chemotherapy was used to treat the cancer and amputation was also required. "She has now developed a kind of uncommon side effect of the cancer so we are treating her every week with some experimental holistic treatments and pain meds."

The woman in the photo, named Taylor, is a licensed vet tech at Clinton Pet Vet. "She is extremely kind and compassionate and has taken a liking to my dog," said Siddon. The vet tech naps with the dog on her lunch break every Thursday when she comes in for her infusions. "This is bedside manner. We may not be perfect at Clinton Pet Vet but we certainly don’t lack for compassion or empathy."

Emotional Photo Shows Vet Tech Sleeping With Sick Dog
Photo Credit - Cindy Siddon

The chemotherapy seems to be working to keep the cancer. "Unfortunately the HO is progressing and she’s becoming more painful," Siddon said. "We’ll kind of take it one day at a time from here."

Clinton Pet Vet is a small animal hospital that specializes in both traditional and holistic pet care including acupuncture, food and Chinese herbal therapy.

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