Townsquare Media in Victoria would like to ask our community and the crossroads area to come together to help the Singer family out.

Travis Singer's 4-month-old daughter, Parker, miraculously survived an explosion that leveled their Victoria home Wednesday morning, but his wife and Parker's mother, 26-year-old Haley Singer, wasn't as fortunate. Our hearts go out to them in the tragic time and urge you to consider lending the family a hand.

Firefighters said the explosion happened not long after Travis left for work. Haley was in the home's kitchen at the time of the blast and firefighters said they believe Baby Parker survived because a mattress fell on top of her.

Haley Singer's family member Lisa Singer described her as a truly beautiful woman inside and out.  "It's true that the good die young. Anyone who knew her loved her," Lisa said.

We here at Townsquare can’t even begin to imagine this huge loss; the hole left in the family's hearts and souls. Any amount of donation will make a difference. Last but not least, please say extra prayers for this family.

How You Can Help:

Haley's friend, Kacie Schmidt Balfanz, set up a Go Fund me page to raise funds for the family: Click here to donate.

On the page, Kacie writes, "Since Travis  and Parker will be staying with family we are asking for gift cards, diapers, enfamil gentlease, and money. Once he is settled somewhere, he can accept more clothing or furniture. We are so so greatful just trying to make this as easy as possible on Travis!! Thank you so so much from the bottom of our hearts!! Haley was such an amazing person it's truly wonderful to see such love for her!"

As of Thursday evening, more than $60,000 in donations had been collected on the Go Fund Me page.

Kacie said that gift cards to places like HEB, Target and Walmart to help with every day needs were also greatly appreciated.

The First English Lutheran Church and VCS are also taking in donations for the Singer family.

Parker wears size 6 months clothes, size 3 Pampers only, Enfamil Gentle ease. Travis Singer wears size 32x36 pants, large t- shirts, 11 1/2 shoe.

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