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A man was recently bit on the finger by a rattlesnake after trying to remove the rattler using a pair of cooking tongs. 

The type of tong is what went wrong. But first, how to cook rattlesnake.

For those of us from Texas, we knew right away when reading the news story that there was no doubt the man was from somewhere "over yonder" because a true Texan pitmaster knows the best way to get rid of a rattlesnake using tongs is to grab the rattler, wrap it in bacon and cook it slow and low on an open flame.

In case you don't believe me...

Thank you Bob Hansler, Texas Survivalist, for this Youtube recipe.

Okay fine, this recipe doesn't call for a live rattler and I'd never cook one myself but still... thinking of a man using cooking tongs to remove a rattler reminds me of grilling.

If you've ever had an eery feeling while taking your grill cover off, you understand.

It's the first outdoor cookout in spring and you shudder a bit at the thought of what might be under there, what has made its home under your pit cover over the winter solstice. But we reach to pull it off the pit anyway. Maybe with cooking tongs in our hands as protection.

It's like sharks in saltwaterYou know they are swimming in there, but you still go in because dagnabit, it's sunny outside!

Luckily for the Southern Californian ( told ya it was over yonder) gentleman, the bite he received just on his finger proved not to be fatal. Well, that's not entirely true, according to the report from  ABC News, which you can read here, the rattlesnake was later euthanized. Which once again, might have been a total waste of good grilling!

 Just in case, you don't like to eat rattlesnakes, here is what to do if you encounter one.

This video is courtesy of Scaly Adventures on YouTube.

Notice the right way to remove a rattlesnake is not with grill tongs, but snake tongs.

And here is a bonus video on how to properly clean your grill, no matter what you find under it. Thank you to Home Depot on YouTube.

Happy grilling and for goodness " snakes" Pitmasters, be careful out there!

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