After 58 years in the global home furnishings and decor business, Texas-based and beloved Pier One Imports is officially closing its doors. After filing Chapter 11 in February 2020, Pier One had hoped to find a buyer, but unfortunately in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and all retailers being hit brutally by its aftermath, Pier One Imports has closed all 942 stores. This, of course, includes the Victoria, Texas Pier One Imports store located at  7903 N. Navarro.

Do you have something in your home from our local Pier One store? I know our family does. Our first " upscale' furniture after my husband and I were married was a table and buffet we bought from Pier One Imports here in Victoria. It was passed down to our boys when they left for college. When our family opened an Italian restaurant in Victoria, the majority of the dining room furniture and decor was from Pier One, including countless placemats and napkins. In fact, just about every Mother's Day gift I ever bought my mother in the last decade came from Pier One Imports as she became obsessed with the animal kingdom in Africa and the closest Pier One Imports where she lived was hours away. Truly Pier One Imports was a staple in our household.

The sign on the locked door at our Pier One Imports reads, " Please visit us at"

A quick pursue of the Pier One website offers insight and answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding store closings here.

Pier One Imports in Victoria Texas will be greatly missed.

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