If you’ve ever blown a chance with a woman due to uninhibited underarm odor, you know full well how important the sense of smell is to romance. Scientific theories postulate that we are attracted at a base genetic level to people who exude certain smells, so why not use the nose to sniff out a mate?

Pheromone Parties are the bright idea of filmmaker Judith Prays, who turned her fondness for her lovers’ stench into an event that’s part speed dating, part the bad side of Craigslist.

Here’s how it works: you wear a white T-shirt for a few days without washing it, then seal it in a Ziploc bag and hand it off to the party organizers, who put a number on it and put it in a pile (color-coded, of course – you don’t want to let your nose play for the other team).

At the party, you’re free to pick up and huff any bag, and if you find a smell that pleases you, inform the Pheromone Party team. They’ll then take a picture of you blissfully sniffing the bag and project it up on a screen. If the person sees you up there holding the bag, they can hunt you down and talk to you.

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[Via Pheromone Parties]