Parker McCollum recently asked his girlfriend, Hallie Ray Light, a very important question — and she said yes! The singer announced their engagement on Thursday evening (July 1).

"She said yes!" McCollum captions a photo of himself and Light, likely newly engaged. The couple appear to be in a bar, and she's holding up her left hand to show off her new ring as they cuddle together and smile for the picture.

It's unclear where McCollum and Light's engagement took place, but it looks to have happened on Thursday. Also that evening, on Instagram Stories, she shared video of herself and her engagement ring, and reposted a family member's celebratory photo as well.

McCollum and Light have been dating since at least the spring of 2019. At the time, per Oklahoma State University's O'Colly newspaper, she was a senior at OSU, and the school's pom squad captain. In late 2020, as part of his Hollywood Gold EP, McCollum released "Hallie Ray Light," a love song named for her:

Hollywood Gold is McCollum's newest release, but on July 30, he'll drop a brand-new album, Gold Chain Cowboy. The artist is known for his single "Pretty Heart," which hit No. 1 on the country charts in 2020.

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