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No Arlo! 

Arlo as a puppy

Our Frenchie just got her first obedience school report card and she is failing, in every "subject."

Arlo was just a puppy in the photo above, but she was already showing us who was BOSS even at 20 weeks of age.

If you listen to KIXS 108 in the morning, you might already be familiar with the fiasco that is our French Bulldog puppy, Arlo. In fact, I've been writing stories about her shenanigans since the day she arrived at our home well over a year ago.

Below is the cover story photo we used for that first article, which would pretty much sum up the personality and behavior that is uniquely our little Arlo.

The title of THAT article was " It's National Puppy Day, Here is my Puppy from Hell." You can click in the blue if you want to read it. Not much has changed.



Now for the disclaimer: Dropping Arlo off at obedience school was the hardest thing we've ever had to do for any of our dogs. We almost turned around, twice. 

Yes she is stubborn, yes she is rambunctious, yes, she is stubborn, wait I already said that... yes, she is the hardest headed dog we've ever had, but she is pretty damn near the smartest dog we've ever known and of all of the dogs we've ever owned, she is by far the most spoiled. Which of course is a big part of the problem.

I even joked with Serenity Ranch when we dropped Arlo off for a four-week training program that we were the ones that probably needed the training.


Well, she has been gone for a week and a half, and her report card just came in. Her "mom" my daughter, was almost in tears when she read it. I admit to you here and now, I laughed a little bit. On a scale of 1 through 10, Arlo ONLY scored 1s and 2s. Capt. Husband reasons that if Arlo made 7's and 8's we would wonder if we were getting our money's worth! Sigh.

Walking on a leash? 2

Sitting while on a leash? 2

Not barging out the door? 1

Coming when called? 1

The grades 1s and 2's go on for everything else.

That being said, we did get this photo from Serenity with her report card. Hahahahhaha


JP says " That's her time out face."

Sigh, one week down, three to go!

I'll keep you all posted, if you promise to keep her in your prayers.

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