Here is our Healthcare Hero for Tuesday, Jobeth Bhatia. She is a nurse at Crown Hospice and was nominated by Debra Lozano.

What Jobeth does for hospice patients at Crown is nothing short of heroic.

Here is what Debra had to say about Jobeth.

"COVID- 19 has affected all regions of the medical field. As a hospice nurse you are alone with the dying patient because family members are not currently allowed to be with their loved ones as they transition into their next life. As a hospice nurse you hold their hand and watch them draw their last breathe all the while with the patient not understanding why they are not surrounded by familiar faces of their loved ones. Being a hospice nurse is the toughest job and Jobeth does it every day with grace and dignity!"
Thank you Jobeth for all that you do for hospice patients. You truly are a hero.

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