There are few things country music does better than songs about drinking, and the Boot has rounded up all of the best songs to raise your drink to, no matter how you like it. Whether you're a straight shooter or prefer a 'rita on the rocks, these songs will keep time with the swing of your celebration. So raise your Cuervo and join the party!

Chris Janson can "Fix a Drink" for you, or you can go "Ten Rounds of Jose Cuervo" with Tracy Byrd, or maybe float on over to "Margaritaville" with Jimmy Buffet. Whether your tequila buzz is high like Little Big Town's "Day Drinking" or you're nursing a broken heart with that shot just like John Anderson's femme fatale in "Straight Tequila Night," we've got your music moods covered. Head for a "Southbound" party with Carrie Underwood or let love and tequila drive you crazy like Kenny Chesney. Either way, we're along for the ride, even if tequila makes your clothes fall off, like somebody Joe Nichols knows.

So raise your "Red Solo Cup" with Toby Keith or be like Runaway June and "Buy Your [My] Own Drinks" on this day dedicated to the art of imbibing. Press play below for a Spotify playlist that includes more than three hours of songs to drink to, courtesy of the Boot.

Listen to The Boot's Drinking Songs Playlist

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