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Are you having a hard time looking for the perfect gift? Gift an adventure instead!

Every year it just seemed to harder to find the perfect gift for my family and friends. But I discovered something amazing along the way. I was looking for the WRONG gifts all along.

The gift-giving epiphany to share with you.

You've heard diamonds are a girl's best friend? Well, I never liked diamonds as much as turquoise so that never applied to me anyway. And as it turns out, I like rocks even better than turquoise. Yep, rock climbing is a passion of mine! So when I was gifted my first chance to rock climb at Enchanted Rock it was like a light came on for me. Instead of giving gifts, I returned the favor and started gifting adventures instead. Now the challenge is finding the most unique adventures I can find for family and friends in Texas. I'm going to give you a list of them to make your Christmas shopping a whole lot easier, and more meaningful.

Memories that LAST A LIFETIME! Check these out and I am just getting started!

Once in A Lifetime Experiences For Christmas in Texas

I've included Youtube videos from each of these adventures to give you more information about each of the experiences I've chosen so far.

Play in the sand like the Big Kid You Are! Thanks to Heavy Metal Learning for this Youtube video!

Sailing takes me away! Thanks to Windward Sea Venture for this Youtube video.


The sky is to only limit! Or is it? Love this Youtube video from Lonestar Paramotor!

Let's rassel! Thanks, Texas Brews and Tunes for this Youtube video.

I know the guys are going to flip when they see this! Here is a Youtube video from ABC News for DriveTank

Totally running away with the circus now! It's a Flying High in Dallas Youtube video from Font Family Fun.

I love to climb. You've got to try it! Here is a youtube video of Enchanted Rock Climbing from Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Experience and adventure abound! You just needed a few suggestions. Two of the websites I went to for inspiration are Xperience Days and Virgin Experience.

One more thing... You can "dabble" in all kinds of classes with Dabble! Yep, wine tasting, perfume making, the works, but if you have something to teach, you can teach on DABBLE and we can all enjoy an experience.

Check out this video about Dabble's CEO Jay Swaboda with Bootstrapping in America.

Let us know if you take any of these adventures or gift them to loved ones via our station apps. Happy Holidays! Get Out there and Make Memories Crossroads!

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