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Who is your favorite teacher of all time? What A Teacher!

I'm going to go out on a limb here and tell you that every English teacher I ever had while traveling with my military family, was my favorite teacher. Each of them helped to develop my love of writing and each of them I carry in my heart for life. Here in the Crossroads, I hear the name Nancy Peters who happened to be an English teacher at St. Joseph High School, frequently mentioned as one of the best teachers in the Crossroads. She used to tell her students at the start of class, "Today is a great day!"

What- A -Teacher!

Well, your favorite teacher ( or your kid's favorite teacher wink- wink) in the Crossroads could win a $200.00 VISA gift card AND a Whataburger for a Year Gift Basket just by you nominating them below!

Yep, Townsquare Media has teamed up with our local Whataburger to offer one deserving teacher a $200.00 VISA gift card AND a Whataburger for a YEAR gift basket to help our community teachers celebrate World Teachers Day! Can you imagine how much your nominated teacher is going to enjoy her school year, even more, knowing he or she has a $200.00 VISA card and Whataburger for a year gift basket for breakfast and coffee on the way to school or for a much-deserved after-school treat? They can even grab dinner for their family several times over after a long day of teaching and the dreaded staff meetings.

No offense staff meetings, but you know how you are.

It's World Teachers Day on October 5th, 2021.

World's Teacher Day will be celebrated this year on October 5th. Take a quick minute to nominate your favorite teacher today. We will announce the winner on World Teacher's Day on October 5th so register them NOW.

Shout out to ALL of our AMAZING Crossroads teachers for all they do!

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