I have to admit, I was a little hesitant to even tell y'all about this. It seems that in the last 24 hours since Luby's announced it was closing the doors permanently throughout the US, the value and price of their Luby's 50th Anniversary cookbooks have increased in value, creating a bit of a bidding war on eBay and price increases on Amazon.

I was reluctant to tell you because I was worried you would buy them all before I could convince my husband to agree to a $300 cookbook purchase.

Photo Credit Amazon.com
Photo Credit Amazon.com

And these aren't even hardcovers, they are spiral bound!

When was the last time you readily paid $300.00 plus for a used cookbook originally published in 1996? That's the going rate today for one of Luby's 50th Anniversary cookbooks today, a collection of recipes served at Luby's Cafeterias from founders, managers, employees, and customers originally published nearly 25 years ago.

Still, Luby's was one of my family's favorite restaurants in Victoria and we were crushed when we came to the door to read they had closed their Victoria Mall location. In fact, and she will kill me when she reads this, one of my daughters actually started crying.

She was five and really loved the blue jello. We still tease her about it but truthfully we were all equally saddened and secretly all held on to the hope that one day they would re-open in the Crossroads. We were not alone.

It seems Victorian's felt the same way as we did and today we asked our listeners what their favorite dish at Luby's had been. I'm pleasantly surprised at this but FRIED FISH for the WIN! PLUS, lots of folks said fried liver and onion too, making me feel a lot better about all the years I ordered it to my husband's dismay!

I've got some great news for all you Luby's fried fish lovers, this comes STRAIGHT from Cindy Raz who let us know that HEB sells fried fish in their freezer section which you can see here.

Here are the great responses we got from our listeners.

We LOVE you Lubys

"Good food from good people" is going to be a tag line Texans won't soon forget and we will all miss Luby's. For Life.

If you happen to have the Luby's 50th Anniversary cookbook, hold on to it, it's GOLD.  Just like Luby's was when it opened in San Antonio in 1947.

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Even in 2015, these cookbooks were expensive at $50.00 apiece and Thrifty Treasures offered their advice on buying and selling these cookbooks for a profit. That's why they are so expensive now! We will pay it!


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