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The numbers are astronomical.

It's estimated that almost 5,000 of our Texas seas turtles had been rescued from freezing Texas waters by volunteers and organizations like Texas Parks and Wildlife, and Sea Turtle Inc. earlier in the week.

5,000 Texas Sea Turtles. Amazing.

Each and every volunteer should be congratulated, as their rescue efforts continue day and night to save the turtles who were literally stunned by the freezing waters and are now returning home.

Sea turtles can experience hypothermia in freezing waters which keeps them almost frozen in place, unable to move, each in danger of drowning. The freezing waters also cause these turtles to keep their heads above water, which actually helps volunteers identify them.

Thanks to the volunteer efforts, over the weekend, as our waters warmed again, these same volunteers got to enjoy returning many of the turtles back to the water, home again.


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