Today is National Waitstaff Day and that means it's time to tip your waitstaff big time. Okay it also means we got a chance to hear from our readers about their waiting table experiences.

They've had an especially hard time since the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing mandates so today we dedicate a little extra love to our servers in the Crossroads.

Before we get started, let's take a second to talk about the most iconic server movie ever made, 'Waiting', starring Ryan Reynolds. For those who have both been a server and seen the movie, let's just agree its the most accurate depiction of what goes on behind the scenes in restaurants throughout the world. Disclaimer; 'Waiting' is rated R and for good reasons, it's pretty raunchy and full of expletives to say the least. In fact, I could only find one clip of 'Waiting' on Youtube that didn't include a curse word. It's a hilariously accurate scene where Shenanigans manager, Dennis, played by David Koechner is determined not to be undermined when waiter, Dean, played by Justin Long, decides not to take the job as an assistant manager so naturally, Dennis "plays out" that he's fired, Dean.

My favorite character in the movie hands down is " Chef" Raddimus played by comedic genius Luis Guzman. Jp says " Mitch", the trainee! Because in the final scene he does the ultimate and gives it right back." You'll have to see it to understand. Although crude at best, 'Waiting' gives you a better appreciation for the hard work and efforts that are made for hours on end by waitstaff everywhere, or at least some perspective of what servers go through on the daily.

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Here are a few of our friend's experiences too.

Ingra Lee Facebook
Ingra Lee Facebook
Ingra Lee Facebook

If you're going out to eat tonight, tell the servers JP and I said Hi!


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