Crystal entered Mrs. Simmons in our Favorite Teacher Contest. Mrs. Simmons works in the special needs department at Victoria East High School. Here is what Chrystal had to say, "Mrs. Simmons works at Victoria East High School in the special needs department. This teacher specifically goes above and beyond for every single one of her students. There has been countless times that she has gone out of her way just to make sure her students succeed. Whether it be her missing out on her lunch just so she can tutor the students who aren't able to stay after school, staying after school, or even coming super early to make sure she can best provide for her students. Throughout my high school experience she was my biggest supporter. No matter what she always had my back, and guided me through the right path. Without her I don't know if I would have graduated or not, and I am so thankful for her helping me get through that experience. She deserves everything good in life and this would be wonderful for her and would definitely make her day! Just simply a token of appreciation towards her so she knows that she is doing an AMAZING job and she is such wonderful teacher.." Thanks Chrystal, Mrs. Simmons, thank you for going above and beyond!

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